Between dream and reality, in the small intersection of this two worlds lies the playground which is explored by Nico...From his travels, he is always returning with a suitcase full of technical and artistic expressions thereby increasing his already teeming graphics palette each time. Curious about everything, and above all modes of expressions, his art offers our eyes and our minds free visits to his multiple universe. The eclecticism of its focus and its technical work earned him fame around the world. The diversity of its materials (flyers, CDs, logos, website, videos ...) allows everyone to access its multiverse which is constantly evolving.
A beautiful invitation to a voyage disregarding geographic, historical or spiritual boundaries.
by Marjorie from PsyArt Family -
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    - Hi Freaks, well I'm proud to present you my new website and also my new logo, I hope you will like both and as usual I wish you a sweet trip in my multiverse ;) Enjoy !
    - Soon a Fan page with tattoo etc.... stay tuned !
    - Link page will coming soon too
    - More artwork soon ;)
    - Thx for your support !